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Timothy, Wanda… and the rose that changed her mind about marriage.
by Stewart Knowles.

"Every monday morning for the past seven years, a single rose has arrived for Wanda Ventham. They’re from her second husband, Timothy Carlton. (…) She and Tim have a three-year-old son, Benedict, an energetic handful who was treating the living room like a sports stadium when I saw Wanda at her Kensington flat.
"Our brains go to jelly the whole time," she said, watching him. "He has been rather vile today, though - you’ve hit on a bad day. He has just had his adenoids and tonsils out and his temperament has gone slightly loopy in the last day or so. But even at times like this Tim is fantastic with him."
While Carlton was being fantastic, keeping the boisterous Benedict relatively quiet in another room, I asked Wanda about her daughter by her first marriage.
And Wanda Ventham, who seems to be rather more disturbing than domesticated, started to make Benedict’s tea. When you have a Benedict in the house, you can’t just sit around all day looking like Wanda Ventham.


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