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Speedy’s Cafe launches its new website!

After much anticipation, the popular London based cafe featured in BBC’s Sherlock has launched their new website! The Sherlock haunt will use this platform to engage with dedicated fans from all around the globe. 

The website will even have a gallery designed to celebrate the artwork of talented Sherlockian’s all over. Owner of Speedy’s Chris Georgiou said “Benedict always mentions how creative his supporters are. We couldn’t agree more, hence why we’ve decided to have an online gallery showcasing all the incredible Sherlock fan art that comes our way. We’ve had some beautiful pieces painted of the shop too!”

What’s more, to celebrate the website’s launch Speedy’s will be offering 25% off on their iconic Speedy’s t-shirts which have proven to be a hit worldwide! They’re online shop will be selling their much adored canopy mugs along with a their new iPhone 5/5S case! To find out more please visit

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